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Pipe Flow Calculator

This is the planned Java desktop application which can be used to calculate the pressure drops in heating system networks. Life moves in mysterious ways. We had intended offering this program first and then developing it into the District Heating Calculator (see Downloads). The District Heating calculator was produced at the end of 2007 and has now been upgraded to include units with either heating, domestic hot water, or both.

This program is a basic pipe flow calculator. Enter the heat load, flow and return temperatures, pipe size and material, and the trench length. It calculates the total drop for the flow and return pipes. If you select a pipe size which produces a pressure drop greater than permitted, then the program automatically increases the pipe size. If you have a short length of pipe where you can accept higher than normal pressure drops then click on the "Short" button before calculating.

Remember, for single pipes enter half of the total length.

Thank you for your interest,
George Fletcher

George Fletcher