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The programs that are available for download are offered in two forms. The Windows™  installer packages will install the the programs and prompt for permission to download the Java Runtime if it is not available. The OS independent packages also contain all necessary files including the jar files. The latter packages are suitable for any OS providing you have a suitable Java Runtime installed. To run the programmes navigate to the respective folder and double click on the .exe file or .jar file. In both packages you will find a quick start introduction to the software which will hopefully offer sufficient explanation. If you need any more explanation then please send a e-mail. You can use the link at the bottom of the page.

Windows™ only OS independent
Heat Loss Calculator Heat Loss Calculator
Expansion Calculator Expansion Calculator
District Heating Calculator District Heating Calculator
Pipe Flow Calculator Thermal Stores
Chimney Height CalculatorFuel stores

The manuals for this software will be produced as soon as possible but for now paid work takes precedence. Quick start notes are provided with the Heat Loss Calculator and the Expansion Calculator, and the District Heating  Calculator.

The Thermal Store spreadsheets are provided as Excel™ files but work in Open Office™.

These programs are offered free of charge in the hope that they will help heating engineers, consultants, architects, and designers to design and accommodate biomass boilers. We do not offer any warranty with the use of this software but trust that some will find it useful. If you have any comments, criticisms, or suggestions then please use the e-mail contact on the page describing the particular software.

Thank you for your interest,
George Fletcher

updated 31/07/2012

George Fletcher